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The Soquel High Fund has been established to support academic, art, and athletic programs at Soquel High School, now and in the future. We are a group of parents, alumni, staff and community members working through a non-profit organization to strengthen Soquel High School and to ensure that all our students enjoy the very best educational experience.





7:00 PM




1. Treasurer’s Report: Janet presents December 2011 Analysis

- Ken explains that Athletic Director, Stu Walters, determines where snack bar & gate money goes based on need. KLE oversees Stu’s allocations.




2. Attendance & Welcome

Diana Susoy, Juli McDermott (President), Richard Wygant, Shannon Fidiam, Jenni Strecker-Langenberg, Caren Spencer (Vice President), Ken Lawrence-Emmanuel, Janet Edwards (Treasurer),

Visitor: Greg Hill, Linda E’Clarin-Martinez


3. Principal’s Report – Ken

- Parcel Tax Campaign Money: At a recent meeting, Superintendent Bloom & concerned parents of Santa Cruz area schools, including SCEF, principals & parent group leaders, discussed upcoming parcel tax renewal, which will be on June ballot. A yet-to-be-formed PAC will be asking for $999 from SHF to fund parcel tax campaign.

o Since that would be 10% of our unrestricted budget we will ask Music, Athletics, and HA parent support groups to kick in $200 each. School administration/staff cannot campaign, but may present information. Jenni to provide Greg Hill with info sheet from Superintendant’s office to bring to SoMu meeting and discuss their possible donation. Jenni to ask HA to donate $200. Because the PAC has not yet formed, cannot actually donate at this time.

- Link Crew Funds: Ken will now ask district for money they promised since it’s time to pay for Link Crew training for faculty.


a. Knights of the Round Table – steering committee:

- Interviews. We have been interviewing some school leaders/fund raisers, etc. to see what they would find useful.

- Manual: Didi has created & we are tweaking a check list/manual for parent groups & clubs regarding fundraising. Could serve as a model for other schools.

- KRT Meetings: We’d like to hold meetings just prior to Stu’s athletic parent meetings - 3 times per year, (where he explains liability, concussion, etc). So, we may add a pre meeting, same day, & invite other parent group leaders (not just sports). We’d like to have a separate meeting for incoming freshmen parents.

- Calendar: Working on a undraising events calendar.

- KRT Steering Cmte Mtg: February 24


b. Alumni Weekend: Golf Tourney, Randy Peck Dedication & Calamari Dinner

- Ken to check with district to see whether we can name the court after Randy. (To name the structure would require district approval; avoid red tape. If not court, then the quad?) & check to see whether we have a clear Gym May 5th.


- Alumni Weekend: Golf Tourney, Randy Peck Dedication & Calamari Dinner

o May 4th: Golf Tournament: (See below for Golf Tourney info)

o May 5th (Sunset about 8 p.m.):

§ 4 p.m. Randy Peck Dedication

§ 5:30 Calamari Dinner. Cost $15 each. Up to 20 people per table.

o At dinner, Alumni Sing possible?

o SHF to reserve 2 tables at Calamari Dinner: One for Marge & her family. The other, for other guests of honor.

o PR Richard will Handle? What are deadlines?

§ Ed Digest.

§ Capitola Soquel Times, (monthly)

§ Sentinel,

§ Mid County Post, (bi-weekly)

§ Channel 8 News,

§ Alumni Newsletter

§ Knight Notes

§ Include: “Inviting us all to join Randy Peck family & friends to the Calamari Dinner”


o Signage: Juli to email Bob Lee’s about big wooden posts/signs from 2010 concert to announce “Alumni Weekend: Golf Tourney, Dedication to Randy Peck, & Calamari Dinner.” Want professional sign made up & posted by SHS Entrance.


- Bidelman Event/Dedication (?) Spring Concert (To be separate event; not Alum Weekend)

o Possibly surprise Mark.

o Alumni Sing possible/Surprise. Tell Mark to schedule 10 minutes for a surprise for him & they perform.

o Marshall, Drew, or current accompanist can walk in & perform.


o PR Presumably SoMu will handle:

§ Education Digest in the Sentinel, calling all former Bidelman students, we invite you to contact XXX about an event – spring concert.

§ Ed Digest.

§ Capitola Soquel Times, (monthly)

§ Sentinel,

§ Mid County Post, (bi-weekly)

§ Channel 8 News,

§ Alumni Newsletter

§ Knight Notes


c. 50th Celebration

- Ken says since the 50th is perceived as next academic year, it will be celebrated over the months: May/June/August/September through Homecoming next year. Time Capsule possibly May.



4. Approval of Agenda & Minutes

- Jenni moved to approve the January minutes as amended. Richard seconded. Passed unanimously.

- Caren moved to approve the agenda as amended. Jenni seconded. Passed.


5. Alumni Report – Linda

- Class of 1972. (Was something said about this class?)

- Newsletter:

o Sending it out in January was big improvement over doing December.

§ Got a lot of responses back asking about more reunions & with stories.

§ Richard got several emails back within hours of the alumni newsletter going out – because it contained a bit about the Randy Peck.

o Next newsletter 3rd week of March; so by early March get info to Linda.

- Golf Tournament: Linda E-blasted flyer & posted it on Alum FB page.

- Linda to get SoMu’s email list from Greg.

- Richard suggests we do a story in the newsletter on Peter Hessman (?). Richard to get info to Linda.

- Janet working to get a list on every class. We will eventually have every class. Also developing email list of all seniors – will ask each parents “IS this your last student? If yes, then remove them from Knight Notes & add them to Alumni list. So, on our flyer next year, ask folks, do you want to receive Knights Notes? And place for their email – have a parent email line & student’s email (?) If we do that, then students would get it too. In May last year. Oreilly wanted survey done for HA, so Janet did her survey & simultaneously got their emails. Most seniors gave Janet their emails.


6. 8th Grade Open House Feb. 9th

- Music starts 6 slide show 6:30 tours 7 classes open 7. People show up at 5:45. We show up at 5:30.

- (Idea for next year: At Harbor High, Panda Express comes with $6 bowl to sell for folks for dinner. )

- We can open SHF table MU room & move it during slide show to in front of Ken’s office.

- Juli to bring cookies.

- Gym closed due to basketball practice; Therefore no gathering afterward. L

- Janet to create & bring sign up for emails, name, address, phone number.

- Have form Thursday for emails for either Alumni or Knights Notes.


7. Mark Bidelman Tribute (See above)


8. President’s Report – Juli

a. Parent Voice Group

o Shannon, Juli & Patti will work on it.


b. Golf Tournament

- May 4th noon-ish. Starts at one .

- Joe, our barbecue guy is on board. Bob said he will come & rope in people. He’ll be interested in Alumni weekend.

- Joe Lindsey who donated hard alcohol for last year, is going to do it again. We’ll buy beer wine. He’s going to work a deal to do the drink cart & a booth. His pal owns El Palomar at the harbor.

- Want a big donation for a raffle. We have 4 $100 gift certificates at Café Rio. (Expired, former owner – Juli will ask whether she will honor.) Back to original, swordfish, steak, etc. Diana is helping Jjuli with that. Shannon also helping.

- Registering for golf tournament kind of difficult. Maybe ask them choose your own hole. We had 3 people collecting money, so difficult to see who’s aid, who hasn’t.

o (Who?) Will also do separate mailer 2 weeks before Golf Tournament – with bold “Remember to send in your registration. Since Golf Tournament is going to be Alumni Weekend, get yours in Early.”

§ Ed Digest.

§ Capitola Soquel Times, (monthly)

§ Sentinel,

§ Mid County Post, (bi-weekly)

§ Channel 8 News,

§ Alumni Newsletter

§ Knight Notes

- Educational Digest Alumni Weekend Celebration: Golf Tourney, RP Dedication, Calamari Dinner. Each need to go out twice.

- Juli to (?) get flyer to Capitola Soquel Chamber of commerce – for the Alumni Weekend: Golf Tournament, Randy Peck Dedication & Calamari Dinner.


- Car raffle discussion. Hole in one. We pay $300 insurance for hole-in-one in case they win. Mt. Madonna raffles off a house – makes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Caren to ask Mt. Madonna parents where they get the house.


9. Open Communications

- Didi moved to do half page ad for SHF in the yearbook for $250. Richard seconded. Passed. Didi to come up with ad.

- Michelle Jack-Parker wrote an email. Son diagnosed with heart condition, limited sports. Excited about disc golf. Wants to start petition for it.







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