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The Soquel High Fund has been established to support academic, art, and athletic programs at Soquel High School, now and in the future. We are a group of parents, alumni, staff and community members working through a non-profit organization to strengthen Soquel High School and to ensure that all our students enjoy the very best educational experience.





7:00 PM




1. Treasurer’s Report (Janet):

- We recently paid sports stipends; All fall & winter sports had sufficient funds except boys soccer (fundraisers are being considered).

- HA is running low on money; They’re down to $3k.

- Football at roughly $7,500. Parents have expressed concern to Caren regarding coaching etc. for our football program. Such an important sport for income & spirit & alumni gathering. Ron hasn’t been putting money into the SHF account; instead, he’s putting it into the school account.


2. Randy Peck Memorial – Richard:

- Goal: Honor alumni & bring them back to the community.

- Actions: Superintendant & Board of Trustees got involved in the memorial & declared that it was Board of Trustees’ decision & that SHF will have to present at their meeting. (Superintendant Bloom told John Collins to handle it, because he is the Soquel guy on the board.)

o Richard has followed up, but a bureaucratic quagmire arose with the new list of pre-requisites for SHF to fulfill & which require SHF to make a formal presentation to the Board of Trustees.

o Though Trustee John Collins told Ken he supports the project & wants to mentor SHF on it, he said he’s concern about precedent setting.

o We’ve lost our May 5th deadline. Other than John Collins, other Trustees are Westside.

- Action Plan: Ken will lead the effort to meet the requirements. Jeff Dunn, Caren & Richard will advocate. There’s an April 18th board meeting, so the May 5th date is impossible. Ken to set up pre-meetings with board members (?) in advance of April 18th. Caren & Richard to meet with Ken 1:30 in Ken’s office to review Ken’s pitch & discuss next steps.

- Randy Peck Award: Each sport should award a Randy Peck Award and the Athletics Director is to award an all-around “super” Randy Peck Award annually.

- Ken (?) to speak with Stu about assuring the awards get made.





3. Attendance & Welcome

Diana Susoy, Juli McDermott (President), Richard Wygant, Shannon Fidiam, Jenni Strecker-Langenberg (Secretary), Caren Spencer (Vice President), Janet Edwards (Treasurer),

Guests: Ken Lawrence-Emmanuel (Principal), Pat Garsky (Class of ’79 & has a sophomore), Patty Threet, Greg Hill (SoMu), Linda Martinez (Alumi Coordinator)


4. Approval of Minutes & Agenda:

- Caren moved to approve February 2012 minutes. Richard seconded. Passed unanimously.

- Juli moved to shift SCEF item to #6 on agenda. Caren seconded. Passed unanimously.


5. Alumni Report – Linda

a. Alumni Class list policy: Janet is adding seniors to the alumni newsletter with the email they provide for the grad night sign up. Linda has been in touch with some reunions to put their reunions in the newsletter.

- At these reunions, we need someone from SHF to sign people up. Now that we’ll know when reunions are (Linda’s been in touch), we can do it. Maybe SHS bumper sticker, pennant flag, etc. Give them something for signing up. (Who will follow up & look into ordering such?) Linda will let us know when events occur.

- We will do an e-blast about the golf club in the newsletter.

- Calamari dinner was featured in the newsletter. (We will honor Bidelman not at Calamari dinner, but later.)

- We need to do post cards for the Calamari dinner & Golf Tournament & Pirates of Penzance play.

- To put into newsletter the Pirates of Penzance.

- Want to be able to offer Bidelman opportunity to golf. SoMu could cover his substitute or he might not need a sub, depending on what period he would be absent from. Didi to put together something for him –SHF to cover his golfing for him.


6. Santa Cruz Education Foundation (SCEF) – Juli/Diana

a. Parcel Tax: Measure A will be HS district to support counselors & librarians. Polling showed people supported the $10/15 dollar increase. Didi proposes that we send out request to all the groups & ask them to contribute or to door knock.

- Didi will come up with a letter asking for funds/assistance from our groups & run it by Juli.

- SCEF’s Eddy awards. They’ve added an award, the Roseanne (Coonerty) Lane Award. And her sister has gifted a teacher award for a writing teacher. There are a whole bunch of different awards. We need to have some of our folks at least nominated. (Ken to nominate Mark Bidelman for teacher of the award. Check online for nomination process.)

- Didi & Juli attended the SCEF meeting. It was informative. To put it in Knight Notes & Alumni.

- SCEF looking for a liaison at our school – someone to attend meetings. Janet will be that person. Janet to contact Suze Howell.


7. Principal’s Report – Ken

a. Knights of the Round Table – steering committee: Table to next month.

b. 50th Celebration: Table till next month

c. Other

- Great Winter Formal.

- Link Crew Luke Dahlen, Erin Asamoto, Bryan Anderson got trained.

- AmGen tour on May 14th SHS will close at 12:45 (Minimum day will b moved from the first Wednesday of that month so we can do this because that AmGen tour will jack up everything.) Possibly going to sell parking spaces. Maybe sell concessions. Cabrillo is the finish line.

- Community meeting about the sidewalk that will be pushed through – will cut back into our side of the hill 5 feet or so for an extra wide sidewalk, will leave the existing road as is – won’t cut into park. Huge retaining wall will be 5-9 feet tall – over 600 feet of that. Construction will have the big I beams with pressure treated wood. Let the shop teachers & art teachers know they could decorate it. Probably a public process with arts council to do that.

- Musical is coming up. SHS is fronting money for new curtains, $13k; but we are still raising money for them, as the money is to be paid back.

- Using fall fundraising for a mural in the second quad – big tree of life, diversity club project. Also money from fall fundraiser, which came in for arts, was to buy art supplies, acrylics, etc.

- Saturday night 7 p.m. girls’ basketball here. This is toward the NorCal Championships. Can the band come? Jim’s daughter plays. And can ASB blow up balloons or something? Ask Stu if he has the food lined up. (That night SHS is sponsoring the SEXI (?) event, gay youth. Their dance will be in the MU & workshops throughout the day.)

- Mitch Meyer is retiring.

- March 25th, Sunday, WASC 2ish or 3ish try to get SHF folks to attend/support. They want to meet parents, district representative, leadership from the school. 180p report. Janet to help Ken round up some folks, HA, LuLac (?), kind of a potluck.


8. President’s Report

a. Golf Tournament:

o Attendees: So far only 4 signed up. Juli spoke to Bob Lee; He’ll round up folks. Stu & John bring in people.

o Raffle Items Needed: Since no 50/50 raffle, maybe just do a big basket, like $75 Café Rio, Bargetto Tour & Tasting, $100 gift certificate from Play it Again Sports. . . It would be helpful if folks could get more donations. Anyone? Please help.

o Sponsors Needed: We need to work on Sponsors, so if anyone could help, that would be great.

§ Since we’re spending $1,500 putting up WASC folks at Best Western 41st St. , we’ll make sure to ask them for donation for Golf Tournament.

§ Café el Palomar sponsored last year & will sponsor again this year & will sponsor 2 drink booths.


o Volunteers Needed: So far: Juli, Janet, Didi, Patti Threet, Jenni (Caren?).

- Would like some bottles of wine to donate a bottle per golf prize along with the certificate.

- Juli has to leave by 6 (flight to daughter’s college that night.)

- Mark Bidelman will be there – maybe invite Mitch & comp his ticket. Look into whether he has a B7. Promote calamari.

- Need to talk to Kym LaCrosse to coordinate with her about the cross promotion for United Way golf; she sent out our flyer to her contacts already.


b. Request from Theater Arts: Asking for money on curtains & a general appeal for money. (Ken gave them $250 from fall drive).


9. Open Communications

- Soquel Days Event Proposed: Pat Garsky was a band member & recalled a 24hr play-a-thon & alum came in throughout the night & played with us. Proposed alum event around football game & BBQ & practice & marching band, parade where everyone marches with their graduation year on a sign.

- Alumni Extravaganza: Discussion about creating big event alumni – invite local restaurants to set up booths & sell food. Different days. Several days of events. Patty will be lead person for the band portion & send the word on the alumni newsletter.

- Create Teacher Alum: Is there an alumni for teachers? Folks who taught here. Janet can add a list into the database. Marshall Carpenter may have some emails for that list.

- Alum Recruitment: Patty Threet: Class of 78 was an undefeated year & they get excited about that, when she goes into Home Depot – lots of employees are alum.

- Mark Bidelman’s job; 4 music & 1 Activities.

- SoMu Fundraiser: gets paid ($1k) if they fill a Goodwill trailer. There will be a manned Goodwill trailer for the week of Spring Break. Someone will come by at 6 a.m. to tidy up in case someone dumped. No games, bedding, etc. Michelle will put up a flyer. Pass information to Janet (for Knight Notes, etc) & Craig (for digital reader & static marquee).



NEXT MEETING April 10th.








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